Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thought Implantation with the Letter + Deck Giveaway

Do you think you are in control of your own thoughts?

What you're about to see, might change your opinion. For today, I have invited a skilled performer from South Africa, my good friend, Bryan Miles.

From a young age Bryan was always obsessed with how and why things work in the world, and now, he has tapped into the true potential of the human mind.

His amazing demonstrations of mind control have taken him from South Africa to Las Vegas! And today it's my honoured to present to you one of his performances, where Bryan is implanting a thought into a young child's mind.

Check out Bryan and subscribe him:

Reversed NLP and Fire Shapes

In the NLP world, rapport is considered to be a foundation stone. It's the ability to be on the same wavelenght with another person. Once the rapport is established, other person often will mirror you without being aware of that. The opposite is also possible. If you break rapport, another person might act against you. I like to call it 'reversed NLP'