Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Amazing Cards in Baloon Magic Trick!

In this episode we discuss a new amazing Cards in Baloon magic trick from Shawn Farquhar. We then speak about the new magic movie - "Everything We Loved", we also talk about the Magic for Blind People - project initiated by Tommy Edison, where recently Misty Lee and Chad Allen of The Magic Castle have participated.


Magic for Blind People

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New Magic Movie - "Everything We Loved"


Cards in Baloon
effect by Shawn Farquhar

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 000 Subscribers Contest Winners

So finally, here are the winners of the 10000 subscribers contest! Thank you once again guys, for all your support. I loved all of your performances, and it was very difficult for me to find just three winners.



Badru II

The prizes are as follow:

1st place:
- DVD by Paul Gordon - "35 Really Useful Card Sleights"
- 1 deck of Red Monarchs
- 2 decks of Standard Bicycle Cards

2nd place:
- 1 deck of Red Monarchs
- 2 decks of Standard Bicycle Cards

3rd place:
- 2 decks of Standard Bicycle Cards

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year 2014 Interactive Magic Trick

Here is an amazing interactive magic trick. Even though you're at home, and I'm here, I should be able to guess your choices... Try it!

Amazing Psychological Trick

Here is amazing psychological trick which you can try on yourself. It's an interactive mentalism trick which tests your intuition. See how good it is!