Friday, June 21, 2013

Magic Contest: win Free Magic DVDs and Cards!

Bryan Miles will help me with judging the contest -
Today I have a magic contest for you. You can win many different prizes. The rules are:

1. it can be any magic trick you like
2. your entire video has to be no longer than one minute
3. when judging your entries we will look at aspects like: technique, showmanship, fluency.
4. submit your entry as a video response to this contest video
5. you have one month from now to submit your trick (until 21.07.2013)

All the prizes are sponsored by Dominic Dent from Exmouth magic, great magician from UK. Check out his channel here: Prizes:

1st place: three brand-new Bicycle decks of cards + DVD, The DarkSIDE Deck
2nd place: two brand-new Bicycle decks of cards + DVD, Appearing Card In Bottle
3rd place: one brand-new Bicycle deck of cards.

 Please note, that while all decks are new, dvds are second-hand.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Record Street Mentalism / Street Magic

In this episode I teach you, how to record street mentalism / street magic. For sure there are many different ways, in this tutorial I present to you, what I've been doing for the past years and it worked well for me, so I hope you'll find something helpful in it as well!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Magic for Charity

In this episode, I present to you one of the tricks of my friend, Dominic Dent. Later we talk about magic and he shares about his experience of performing magic for the charity events. Dominic Dent's channel:

Weird Dream Mentalism

New video of Sarah Silverman gave me an idea for an effect in which I guess a weird dream of my spectator.

Predicting Patterns of Thinking

Human beings are very predictable. It is easy to influence one's pattern of thinking just by making certain statements. In this episode I try a small experiments along those lines.

Finding Dory - Short Term Memory Loss

The title character of Finding Dory, suffers from short term memory loss. In this interactive video I will try to make you experience exactly the same thing. And then I will explain it to you.

Perfect NCAA Bracket Prediction (March Madness 2013)

This time I tried to predict a bracket choice for the NCAA 2013 Tournament. It's quite unusual, because rather than predicting the outcome of the whole March Madness, I only predict the choice of my spectator, who has no idea about NCAA at all, which made the prediction even more difficult.